Tuesday, 13 June 2017

And it begins...

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 07:31 pm
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If you have not been here before, please sure to read the Disclaimer.

Now, talk about Murphy's law. that could be the story of my life for the last couple years. Ever since I thought of this trip, things have happened to prevent it or delay it.

First there was the foot, mine. How many people do you know can badly sprain a foot stepping off the curb? And if that wasn't bad enough, I DID IT AGAIN! a couple years later. Different curb, same injury.

Meanwhile, Kait had family “issues” to deal with. She has one sibling who is jealous of Kait's good fortune. And I mean Jealous, not envious, with a capital “J” and all the bile and anger to back it up. I mean one time....but I digress.

So there were delays. Then we couldn't find a rig we liked. More and more, the RVs have extra beds and even bedrooms. Something like that is necessary for us to have some semblance of privacy and our own space in less than 500 sq ft of daily living. But many of them have hideaways or bunk beds in the second room. And while Kait is younger than I am, she isn't a teen anymore. So adult beds it is.

We thought everything was in place a couple years. But there is one thing that can truly be said about being raised in California's Central Valley...We Don't Do SNOW. At least not to the degree of the Polar Vortex last year. So we put it off again.

I shouldn't really say that. Kait would do snow. She loves skiing. But even she didn't want to try and drive a rig in the white stuff. So we spent this year talking, planning and watching. Starting point decided. We even decided who to buy the rig from. Kait started packing her apartment. And then everything went on hold. The weather channel became a daily viewing pleasure. Finally, it appeared that the sun was returning.

Departure date was set. The rig and truck decided and almost ordered. Kait's belongings moved into the guest room and the apartment let go. We were just about to head off and catastrophe struck. My brother died. Unexpectedly. For the first couple months, I was busy and distracted and then overwhelmed. By the time I started to emerge, it was too late in the year and there was guilt. Finally family and friends convinced me that Brother would have wanted me to continue on this.

So we ordered the rig and truck and set a new date. But we had made plans that included having a place to send stuff. So we talked and we inquired and finally found a cousin’s daughter who had been accepted into vet school at UC Davis. We arranged for her to move in and all was set.

On Monday, we gathered family and friends for a bon voyage celebration. Address book circulated and phone numbers for texting were entered into the phones. Everyone sent email addresses to get into those address books. And hopefully a few signed up to read this. I believe a good time was had by all. A few tears were shed, but not as many as when Kait realized she was limited to 2 suitcases of clothes and shoes.

Then home, bed and a restless sleep. Isn't that the way before a trip?

In the morning, we went and picked up the rental car. I remembered friends telling me that when they made a long trip, it was cheaper to rent a car one way than to pay long term parking. No, I wouldn't have considered long term parking in this case. But it didn't make sense for someone to drive us over to San Francisco either.

So off we set on Monday afternoon with a trunk full of luggage and not a little trepidation. This drive we have done many times. We chose a time with little or at least less traffic. Easy drive, early check in. Since the flight out of San Francisco was very early, and Kait has spent a year sleeping on the day bed, we decided to splurge on a hotel near the airport. The Bay Landing lived up to the many positive reviews (and the cookies were delicious).

Right off the bat, I am going to ask you to forgive me. I will probably talk a lot about food. I like food and restaurants are something I enjoy.

Somehow, it didn't seem right to start this adventure with fast food or at a chain restaurant. Even though we have set the official start after we picked up Geri, this meal shouldn't feel common. We filled up with local chains in recent weeks as it may be sometime before we get them again. For this dinner, we decided on Sixteen Mile House. Not 4 star but I wouldn't be comfortable at a 4 star anyway. and we didn't want to drive too far from the hotel, so we stayed in Burlingame. Early dinner on a Tuesday, not too much of a crowd. We got there as they opened and thus were seated quickly. While there is a good selection of seafood, this trip begins in the Northeast - home of lobster and clam chowder. Having seafood tonight would be like filling up on Hostess cupcakes before going to a wedding reception. So I had the pork chops with a baked potato and creamed corn and the tableside salad to start. While many would view the tableside salad as a way to splurge on the toppings they don't get at home like Bleu Cheese (cue Kait), for this pickier eater, it was a way to ensure nothing was wasted because I didn't like it. The creamed corn was excellent, almost as good as my Bro-in-law makes. But his recipe is from another restaurant (Gullivers) also known for creamed corn. Enough about corn. Kait got the prime rib although I don't remember the sides - HEY, give me a break. It was a very busy day.

The conversation I do remember. It went something like this.

K: So the flight leaves at 6:30.
M: Right
K: So at the airport at 4:30
M: Car drop off first
K: Right - leave about 3:45 am?
M: Yeah - let's meet in the lobby by 3:30 to check out.
(both take a couple bites)
M: think we should get wake up calls
K: there is an alarm in the room
M: Right
(more chewing)
K: Will 3:30 be early enough?
M: well, if the flight is at 6:30
K: right
M: then we should be at the airport by 4:30
K: Right...I'm going to request a wake up call at 3.
K: should we get dessert?
M: well we do have to be up early
K: Right 3:00 and 3:30 in the lobby?
M: right

When we returned to the hotel and separated for our rooms, Kait asked me a question I was surprised neither of us had thought to ask before. And I didn't know the answer.


I am typing this in the hotel outside of Boston. It has been a long day. So I will answer that question tomorrow. See you then.


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