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If you have not been here before, please sure to read the Disclaimer.

Tonight I am actually sitting on my bed in the rig. Truly ambivalent - mixed emotions. Often this means happy and sad, hopeful and worried. Tonight it means excited and exhausted.

The last couple of days have been uneventful. Just a string of things that needed to be done.

Rented car in Medford and Drove to Concord
Signed for and picked up pickup
Drove to RV center and Dropped off truck for hitch install
Signed for rig and left it for washer dryer install
Drove to Wal-Mart and SHOPPED!!

Picked up truck and Rig
Drove to RV Park and hooked up
Unpacked suitcases
Put away shopping
Returned rental

But there were a couple of things I can share - mostly related to shopping. First of all, shopping in a place like Camping World can be dangerous to the pocketbook. All of a sudden you find stuff, lots of stuff, that you didn't know existed before JUST FOR RVs. And OH, wouldn't that be perfect for...(fill in the blank ). Kait had to stop me from buying all 15 of cookbooks they had in stock. She did concede on Half Crocked (slow cooking for 2) and One Pot Pasta.

She picked up books on RV living and maintenance and a Camper's Log binder where she can keep mileage and maintenance records AND keep her own journal. I picked up Next Exit. When I said it was so we knew where the next bathroom was, her reply - "we're pulling it WITH us!" She had prepped a list of needed supplies like chocks and hoses and RV septic approved TP. We did pick up that US Sticker map – you know the one that gets filled in as you visit the state.

Luckily we had wandered the shop yesterday without buying (figuring it would be better to buy and load directly into the rig today. That helped us see ideas and looking for less expensive equivalents at WalMart. If we didn't find, we could buy today.

Kait did have one SBI. You know me and you don't know SBI?? Scathingly Brilliant Idea. Watch Trouble With Angels with Hayley Mills for an explanation. Anyway, she decided she didn't need the bunk in her room as a bed. So she decided to make it storage. She picked up some light plastic drawer sets, eye hooks and tie downs. She put the mattress in the storage under her bed (for now - we will donate later), screwed the eye hooks into the floor of the bunk and secured them with tie down. But the best part, IMHO, she got kitchen curtains and strung them up to block the view of the drawers, so instead of looking kludgy, it looks pretty.

I picked up an inexpensive photo frame and put the aforementioned sticker map on that. So I can keep it in my old age after I have settled down.

Late in the afternoon, we were finishing up at Wal-Mart and got in line to check out. An older lady came up with only a couple items and we let her go ahead. As she eyed our carts, then looked at us, she asked "Are you moving into together? Are you engaged? You are such a cute couple." Lucky for me, Kait was taking a drink of water at the time because I saw the gleam in her eye and an adjustment to her posture. She was about to "act". Quickly I popped up with "Yes, no and no. We are COUSINS who will be sharing an RV. Just stocking up for the trip." Later, Kait said I always spoil her fun. I told her she could pretend to be the Duchess of Earl for all I cared, but as hetero adults, it was disrespectful to vamp it up. I could see the Duchess of Earl comment got her thinking and expect a full on British accent next time we have tea. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow it all begins. So early to bed. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve tonight. But I think we are ready. Are you??


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